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Protective Labeling System provides labels that stand up to harsh laboratory conditions. The clear tape protects labels from the freezer, autoclave, acids, alkalis and organic solvents. Test results prove the tape remains securely affixed with no discoloration after being autoclaved for 40 minutes at 125ºC (258ºF), as well as after one week in liquid nitrogen at -196°C (-321°F). All tape sizes are 1mil (0.001”) thick with 1mil (0.001”) of acrylic adhesive. Note: all items are sold separately.
 Durable tape dispenser is molded of strong ABS plastic with a steel serrated cutting blade; tape roll held in place by aluminum roller and spring-loaded cover
 Optional epoxy-coated, weighted steel base reduces slippage on the benchtop when tape is dispensed; includes four non-slip rubber feet and screws
 Clear, polypropylene tape has high resistance to chemicals and moisture; provides great versatility for heavy-duty lab use
 White paper labels accept any kind of marker; perfect for use under the clear tape to label your labware, bottles or samples

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$ 62.00 Pack

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